Water Package
Water Package

Water Package


Introducing the Adventure Board Water Package - Elevate Your Excursions!

Unleash the full potential of your adventure board with our specially curated package designed for fun-lovers and water enthusiasts. The Adventure Board Water Package is a comprehensive set that combines functionality, safety, and convenience to bring your Adventure Boarding experience to new heights.

1. High-Performance Paddle: Our package includes a top-of-the-line, lightweight, and durable paddle crafted for optimal performance on the water. Engineered with precision, the paddle ensures smooth strokes, increased control, and reduced fatigue during your paddling sessions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, this paddle is designed to elevate your paddle game.

2. Secure Tie Downs: Worried about tying down your chairs and cooler? The Adventure Board Water Package comes equipped with robust cam strap tie-downs that guarantee a secure and stable connection between your board and your vehicle, as well as whatever you want to bring on day on the water! Cooler? Chairs? Tackle Box? No problem! 

3. Non-Slip Pad: Enhance your grip and stability with our premium non-slip pad. Crafted from high-quality materials, this pad provides a secure footing, giving you the confidence. Easy to install and offering excellent traction, our non-slip pad ensures maximum stability, while being easy to remove for water slides, slip-n-slides, and King of the Board!

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with adventure boards.
  • High-performance paddle for efficient and comfortable paddling.
  • Robust tie downs for secure transportation.
  • Premium non-slip pad for enhanced stability and control.
  • Easy installation and compatibility with any adventure board models.

Transform your adventure board into the ultimate water companion with the Adventure Board Water Package. Whether you're cruising along serene lakes or floating wave trains on leisurely creeks, our package is designed to meet the demands of your aquatic escapades. 

Water Package Includes: 

(2) 2' Tie Downs 

(2) 4' Tie Downs

(2) 8' Tie Downs

(1) SUP Paddle

(1) Removable Non-Slip Pad


- 100% satisfaction
- Accessible; one-on-one direct access to owner/creators
- Designed in the USA
- Built to last - 5 year warranty.
- One product. Endless uses.