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Martha and Joey are the dynamic husband and wife team behind the Original Adventure Board! 

Joey brings his expertise as a long time business owner specializing in top-tier outdoor play equipment and trampolines. Martha is a seasoned educator with a profound understanding that play is foundation for learning and cognitive growth.

They proudly embrace the roles of parents to two wonderful children, one of whom grapples with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Born at the intersection of a shared love of exploring the wilderness, their personal journey, and their professional backgrounds, they are thrilled to share the Adventure Board™ with you.

Join them in embracing the great outdoors, celebrating the joy of play, and setting forth on a journey of exploration with Adventure Board™.

Your adventure starts here!

The Roots

A firefighter turned entrepreneur, Joey started Backyard Dream in 2010 providing Colorado and surrounding states with the safest, longest-lasting and highest performing outdoor play equipment available. He believes that movement, play and connection are foundational to healthy individuals and families, and that the benefits trickle out into the world. After years in the business he sought a product that would provide bounce and rebound, creative, transportable outdoor equipment with a small, temporary footprint. He found it didn’t exist.

After discovering the incredible durability of high-end river SUPs, made to endure the impact and elements of rivers and the wilderness, he partnered with his wife to create what would become the Original Adventure Board ™. As an educator, Martha has a keen understanding of the value of movement to help kids regulate emotionally and process mentally. She believes that play is undervalued not just for children, but for adults, as it leads to a growing awareness of who we are and how we move in the world among others.

Joey’s knowledge of play equipment intersected with Martha’s education background to create the ultimate multi-use product, eliminating the need for multiple subpar, single-use products and igniting a spirit of adventurous play at locations as diverse as home, lakesides, sledding hills, and wherever the journey leads. 

Adventure Board™ is a small, family-owned company deeply committed to nurturing sustainable, portable, and creative outdoor play experiences for all generations.

The edge of potenial for the Adventure Board™ exists only at the limits of your imagination...

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