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What is an Adventure Board™?

It is a four-season, all-terrain board with unparalleled versatility and infinite potential: the ultimate multi-use backyard and adventure equipment.

The Adventure Board blends the rugged durability of a river stand up paddle board with the bounce and rebound of a gymnastics air track. Simply adjust the PSI from 1-20 to adapt it for uses on land and in the water!

It's built to last and backed by our 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty.

As seen on CoolThings"the board doesn’t just have a springy bounce, it can also float on water, glide on snow, and offer a slippery surface when wet, allowing you to play with it in a whole host of other ways. It’s stiff enough to retain its shape when used as a bridge, flexible enough to bend slightly if you want to use it as a slide, and tough enough to fit a whole bunch of kids playing on it all at the same time. It’s a heck of a board."

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More Ways to Play:

Dare to Play Different

Family Backyards and Outings

The Adventure Board is the ultimate multi-use equipment, providing adjustable bounce at home and on-the-go. The board inspires movement that helps maturing nervous systems regulate while providing customizable proprioceptive and vestibular input through rebounding, cardio, weight bearing and resistance play. It facilitates play and creativity while fostering collaboration and connection.

Boating / RV

The Adventure Board is the perfect utility board. It is a four-season, all-terrain board that provides endless uses on land and water, and rolls up with a remarkably small footprint. The transportability and versatility make it ideal for people looking for high-quality, multi-use equipment.

Outdoor Recreation

The Adventure Board is the ultimate multi-use adventure equipment, providing endless opportunities for water and land play year-round. This all-terrain product facilitates movement and creative play while fostering collaboration and connection.

Hear About Our Customers' Adventures

Lisa Nyrose

"Crazy fun and really well made! My 15 year old had tons of fun, and we can't wait to use it in our pool at home and on our day trips at the lake. Sledding this winter is going to be awesone. Definitely recommend!"


“This is the best toy we’ve found. Super useful for all ages, gymnastics, slip n slide, SUP racing, pop up bar attached to a raft for peace and quiet, desert river sleeping to keep cool! You can’t beat the Adventure Board by Outdoor AirTraX for a great time in all seasons!” 



"We LOVE the Adventure Board! The kids play for hours while the grownups hang, and I love that we can take it with us wherever. They've found so many ways to use it, so fun to see the kids' creativity! Highly recommend!"



"The Adventure board is the toy that keeps giving! I'm amazed by all of the ways my kids have used it in the water and at home. Hours and hours of entertainment!"



"Our boys love our Adventure Board! They're slipping and sliding through the summer with friends and we can't wait to get all four of us on the sledding hill once the snow returns. Oh, and it's good for floating around the lake too."

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