Martha Delmore

September 20, 2023

The Superpowers of Adventure Board

What it isn't

Like the rest of the world, we love a positive perspective.

That said, sometimes understanding what something IS can start at what it is NOT. An Adventure Board™ isn't a gymnastics or parkour air track, becuase those are designed to be used primarily indoors. Those also have a maxinum PSI rating of 10 (and most well below that). It also isn't a SUP, which would naturally have a fin and be shaped more aerodynmaically to slice through the water.

Now that that is out of the way, What Is an Adventure Board?

Lake Play

A Versatile Wonderland

The Adventure Board is an open door into limitless posibilities, and here's why:

The Design
Simplicity Rules. The simplicity of the shape allows it to function in a multitude of ways. Unlike a SUP, the Adventure Board doesn't have a foam non-slip mat or a fin. This allows it to be used as a waterslide, slip-n-slide, jump pad, land slide and more. That said, since it can be inflated up to 20 PSI, it glides across the water with ease. By paddling close to the board and staying toward the middle, you'll be cruising across the lake with ease. 

Additionally, most paddle boards are 4 or 6 inches thick. Ever seen a dog or human jump of a paddle board and flip the other person off? It happens! In contrast, the Adventure Board's thickness of 8 inches plus the shape increase the stability, making it much less likely to tip. And, if you are wanting to mitigate the slipperiness, simply strap down a yoga mat. We suggest placing one under the cooler and your Trippy Chair when you go fishing, or out on the water for a picnic. Be sure to take it off when you get back to shore so you can unleash your inner child with a bit of watersliding!

The Material
Durability Matters. The durability of the Adventure Board comes from having the same material as white water SUPs--and not the SUPs you get at Costco, but the ones that are created to go down rivers, bashing into (though ideally going around) rocks. These paddle boards have higher PSI capabilities that typical ones, and offer longer warranties--like the Adventure Board. We have double layer walls, and militarry-grade fusion drop stitch material. Fusion technology means two layers of fabric have been permanantly bonded with an additional coating of PVC, allowing the boards to be more rigid and puncture resistant without being terribly heavy. The super dense nylon threads inside the board help them keep their shape at a high PSI. And, being UV treated means that you don't need to worry about using them exactly as they were designed to be used: outside.

Father and Son Fishing on a Mountain Lake

Adventure is Calling

So while the Adventure isn't a SUP, it paddles. And while it isn't a gymnastics air track, you can get excellent rebound and tumble for days. 

It was created to inspire creativity, be a platform for movement, and level up to all your adventures, at home in the backyard and beyond. So whether you want to slide, use it as a ramp, paddle, sled, or launch, we've got you covered. 

Questions? We love curiosity! will get you right to us. Drop us an email or leave a comment!

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Kid Leaping of Adventure Board

"The only way to escape the ordinary is to explore the extraordinary."
- John Miksis