Martha Delmore

June 3, 2023

Play for Every Age w/Adventure Board

Move. Play. Adventure. 

Play Matters

Here at Adventure Board, we don’t like to take life to seriously. However, there are a couple things we feel pretty strongly about, and play is one of them. Play not only helps children regulate and process, it is foundational for learning. You can read more about the benefits for kids here. As we become adults and our responsibilities increase, we often forget what it feels like to play. But, play is no less valuable for us grown-ups. Play increases physical, emotional, and psychological well-being for people of all ages.

Boy slip-n-sliding

Adventure Board™ Play for Toddlers & Tweens

The Adventure Board inspires an incredible amount of creative play. The durability and ability to be inflated to 20 PSI allows it to be used in a variety of environments and in endless different ways. And who better to come up with new and innovative uses than children? Here are a few of the ways kids play with the Adventure Board:
- Jumping/rebounding: Awesome for regulation and sensory feedback. The PSI can be adjusted lower for toddlers and small children, or inflated for older children.
Slip-n-sliding: One of the most fun ways to pass warm summer days. From best trick to furthest slip-n-slide, all you need is the warm sunshine, a board, and a refreshing hose!
- Slide: A portable slide? Yes please! Put it down the stairs in the house, off the small ledge in the back, or on the shore of a lake. Simply inflate until the perfect slide feel (we like it around 4 PSI) and slide on! Hint: a snow slide is a fantastic way for the littles to “sled” or play outside in a safer environment than a big sledding hill!
- Tumbling: Cartwheel, somersault, round-off and bridge in the yard, at the campsite, or in the Livingroom.
- A ramp: Scooter and rollerblade on a ramp right down your front steps! We like the PSI around 8 for this.
- Teeter-totter: Inflate the board and let the kids play with physics, cause and affect and more!

While these are a few ideas, this is just a springboard. One of the best things about the Adventure Board is the creativity it sparks!

Boy fishing with his father

Adventure Board™ Play for Teens & Adults

Equally valuable for the play the board inspires for kids is the play it provides for teens and adults. All too often as the years go by, we forget just how to play. But don’t worry, the Adventure Board invites the grow-ups just as readily as the kids. Wondering how you’ll use it? - Floating Dock: Paddling out to the middle of the lake and spending the day with a group of your besties sunbathing, and diving in the cool water – summer bliss!
- Paddle Raft: Strap on a couple chairs or just sit down and paddle away! While it won’t paddle as efficiently as a SUP (since it doesn’t have a fin), you’ll get where you want to go and have fun doing it. 
- River Float: Made from the same material as white water SUPs, this board is the ultimate river float. Grab your paddle and a life vest and hit the water.
- Parkour and Gymnastics: Got a teen who likes to flip and trick? This multi-use board can absolutely be an air track. Bonus? It is also so much more.
- Sled: The 10′ Adventure Board is the ultimate multi-person sled. - Fishing: Strap on a chair and cooler, grab your tackle box and hit the lake. Wanting to reduce the slip? Simply strap on a yoga mat. - Temporary Dock: At the mature age where paddling is simply too much work? We get it. Snag the 23′ board, strap on a couple of yoga mats to reduce the slip, and grab your gear. You can get well out onto the water while anchored to shore. And when you get home, set it up as a slip-n-slide for those grandbabies!

It is the things we play with and the
people who help us playthat make the biggest difference in our lives. – Fred Rogers

In conclusion: Play More. Play helps us regulate and process. Sure, it makes us better at work and school, but most importantly it adds joy to our lives. And when our lives are more joyful, that joy permeates into our relationships and seeps into the world. You can shop Adventure Boards here. We want to know: What is currently inspiring you to play right now? Questions? We are here to help! Call or text today 303-868-9916 increase user ease). A couple of kids or a motivated adult will have no problem transporting an inflated Adventure Board. And while we don’t recommend dragging your board across concrete for half a mile, your board is built to withstand the environment, and can handle getting drug across the ground now and then.

Whether you live in a house or and RV, are headed to the sand dunes or beach, the Adventure Board is built to accompany you on all your adventures.

Easy to store? Check.
Easy to transport? Check.

So, now that you know just how easily Adventure Boards are to store and transport, where will you explore with yours? You can shop Adventure Boards here.

Questions? We are here to help! Call or text today 303-868-9916