Martha Delmore - July 11, 2023

Lake Days w/Adventure Board™

If you have been looking for the perfect addition to any day at the lake, look no further! Whether you spend your days at the lake on a boat, at the swim beach, paddling or floating, the Adventure Board is the perfect compliment to your day. 

No need for 3 tubes, a lilly pad, a raft to paddle, and comfy place to chill on the beach. Grab the kids, the dogs, friends and family, and head to the water. The Adventure Board has these covered, and inspires loads of play beyond the obvious:

On Shore or With a Boat

On Shore: No boat? No problem. The Adventure Board is super fun propped up on shore as a water slide. Grab your bucket, dunk yourself in the water, and be prepared to fly right into that lake. It's something even your 87 year old uncle will enjoy (seriously, we have proof). Once you're bored with that you can grab your skim board, and skim into the water. You can also slip-n-slide into the lake like you do on land by having an adult hold it in place. Or, you can paddle it, anchor it and use it as a floating dock, or play queen of the board. 

With a Boat: Unlike a lilly pad or floating dock, the Adventure Board has a small footprint, making it easy to bring along. It isn't porous, so no matter how long it stays in the water, it is simple to clean--dish soap and water and you're good to go. And, while you are out on the water, there are endless ways to use it. Tie it to the boat and float. Anchor it and tie other toys up to it. Paddle it. Toss a cooler and some chairs on it and have a picnic while the wild ones are off skiing. Play king of the board. Tie it onto the boat and use it as a slide. While there are more ways, you get the picture. 

And the best thing about it? This incredible addition to your lake day is just as awesome at home!

Scroll to see it in action:

Perfect for every age and energy level!

One Board. Endless Uses. 

At the end of they day, the magic of the Adventure Board is its multi-use capabilities (thanks to rugged, durable construction) and small footprint (see below!). If you only want to paddle, this is probably not for you (but if you're in the market for a SUP only, we recommend Sol). 

But how can we steer without a fin? When pumped up properly (think 8-20 PSI on the water) the Adventure Board glides across it. Simply paddle closer to the board for a more straight trajectory. If you're looking to win races, this board might not get you many trophies. But if you're looking for stability, transportability, and multi-use capabilities, we got you covered. And if you are floating down a shallow river, the lack of fin is a huge advantage.

If you're looking to inspire creative, collaborative fun for family and friends of all ages, the Adventure Board is exactly what you need. 

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And don't forget, with a 5 year warranty, you can rest assured that this is built to last and we've got your back to ensure it. 

Small Footprint. Big Fun.

We can't wait to see how you will play, and would love to know: 

Does your crew prefer to use the Adventure Board on shore, or out on the water?