Martha Delmore

June 6, 2023

Adventurous Play without Leaving Home

with Adventure Board™

Adventure, at home...

While the Adventure Board™ has the durability to be used on all your outdoor excursions, it also inspires adventurous play at home. Unlike products like the trampoline and play set, the Adventure Board™ can be moved around to be used both in and outdoors depending on the weather.

Girl Sliding

Indoor & Outdoor Uses

- Air Track: If you’ve got a kid into gymnastics or parkour, the Adventure Board™ is a fantastic training platform. With adjustable bounce stimulation, you can tailor it to your kids’ current skill level so they can trick and train the day away. Unlike traditional air tracks, the Adventure Board won’t puncture easily when taken outdoors.

- Bounce: Rebounding is an invaluable tool for kids, especially those with sensory needs. It regulates the nervous system, aids in processing, flushes the lymphatic system, and more. For littles, less air gives a bigger bounce—simply add a bit of air for older kids!

- Energy outlet: Save your furniture and sanity by providing high-energy kids with an outlet for rough and tumble play in a safe, designated space.

- Inside Slide: Awesome for fun and sensory feedback, create a slide by propping it on a couch or bed!

- Creative Play: Simply having the board available with the ability to change PSI inspires so much creativity. Perhaps they’ll use it to make a bridge, a slide off the end of the bed, or even a teeter totter. One piece of equipment that’s a springboard for collaboration and creative thinking, able to be used in a variety of ways? Yes please! 

Toddler and brother slip-n-sliding

Get Outdoors

- Slip n slide: One of the most fun uses, it will provide hours and hours of laughter and fun. All you need is a warm day and a hose. We’ve seen people combine boards for up to a 46’ slip n slide, but we want to know if you can beat it…

- Ramp: No time for the skate park? No problem. Up that PSI and grab your bike, roller blades, scooter or skateboard.

- Snow slide: When the snow starts flying, blow up that board and bring it on out! It’s winter slip n sliding at its best.

Play is the foundation of learning, creativity, self-expression, and constructive problem-solving. It’s how children wrestle with life to make it meaningful. ” - Susan Linn

While it may seem hard to ingrate adventurous play at home, the Adventure Board makes it pretty darn breezy! You can shop Adventure Boards here.

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