Martha Delmore

April 25, 2023

Adventure Made Easy

Move. Play. Adventure. 

Big on Fun – Small on Space

While there are many attributes that make the Adventure Board a fantastic accessory to your home, boat, or camping trip, the ease of transportation is one of the best. The reality is that we all have limited space in some capacity. Having a product that has a small footprint when its stored simply makes it easier to have. There are a few things that make the boards easy to move from place to place: deflated storage size, storage accessories, and intentional handles.

Store with Ease

When inflated, Adventure Boards are all 8″ tall, and 40″ wide. They come in three lengths, of 10’, 16’ and 23’. When rolled up, they are 40″ wide by 8”-12” depending on the length. The Adventure Board will easily fit in the storage of your camper or boat, a closet corner, or under your bed.

Inflate and Deflate like a Pro

Next, Check out this video to see how the Adventure Board inflates and deflates. By simply using the reverse flow on the pump, the board gets completely flat and rolls up to the same size it was the first time you opened it, again and again. And with the strap and carrying bag that each board comes with, you have what you need each time.

Multi-Use. Easily Transportable. 

Inspiring Adventure at home and on-the-go.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Last, Adventure Boards are designed with a variety of terrains and seasons in mind. It is designed to be used in different places, and as such has handles for easy transportation (note: 2nd generation Adventure Boards, due to be released in the Summer of 2023 have additional handles increase user ease). A couple of kids or a motivated adult will have no problem transporting an inflated Adventure Board. And while we don’t recommend dragging your board across concrete for half a mile, your board is built to withstand the environment, and can handle getting drug across the ground now and then.

Whether you live in a house or and RV, are headed to the sand dunes or beach, the Adventure Board is built to accompany you on all your adventures.

Easy to store? Check.
Easy to transport? Check.

So, now that you know just how easily Adventure Boards are to store and transport, where will you explore with yours? You can shop Adventure Boards here.

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